Medical Services

Medical Services

In India IVF provides a diverse set of services to large international corporate clients. International companies operating in India often find it a challenge to discharge their obligatory duty of care towards their employees, due to the inherent deficit in the emergency infrastructure in and around their operating environments.
Whether they operate and mobilize local or expatriate staff in large cities or remote project locations. We are among the first emergency assistance company they would turn to as business partners to help comply with their internal health and safety standards.

Emergency & Safety Services

We operate a 24-hr Emergency Response Centre (ERC) that provides medical coordination for emergencies globally, nationwide and remote and difficult locations. We have developed a network of accredited service providers who we engage in the delivery of emergency assistance services.
Our medical and operations team in the 24-hr ERC coordinate and manage the most complex cases whether it is a medical air evacuation or a critical injury necessitating hospitalization under the care of specialist doctors in acute emergencies in the leading centres of medical excellence.
We operate a fleet of the world class ALS ambulances, equipped with GPS tracking, staffed with medically trained personnel. Our ambulances services are sought by leading hospitals and corporate clients. We have a national presence through our emergency services with our ambulance operations.

Fire fighting & Training

We are now regarded as the best in class service providers for industrial fire-fighting and safety training services. We provide trained fire-fighters for industries operating in hazardous business sectors along with the team for fire equipment maintenance services.


Corporate organizations rely on us for a range of medical services including occupational health and wellness of their employees through our medical tracking programme, health surveillance and audits.

We Provide Solutions

Our solutions are designed, as a matter of fact always custom built around their needs. Our first step is to conduct a risk assessment and make the recommendations strictly based on medical necessity. Our services quality is rated in the top box by more than 80% of our customer on the satisfaction index.
We employ some of the best trained emergency response workers in the country, both for medical needs and fire risks. We are the only international assistance company in the country that has an AHA certified in-house medical training centre. All our medical staffs are trained-in house using our own dedicated full time trainers.

Other Services

  • Onsite Medical Services
  • Offshore Medical Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Occupational Health Checks
  • Occupational Health Clinics
  • Trainings
  • Wellness Services
  • Health Consulting
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Medical Equipments
  • Event Medical Support
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