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Surrogacy & IVF Program

Below are the primary steps involved in our IVF/ Surrogacy program:
  1. Gestational surrogate determination. A gestational surrogate might be a relative, companion, or lady picked through a surrogate agency.
  2. Psychological guiding. Every single included gathering must take an interest in mental counseling. This is a critical necessity as it gives everybody a chance to talk about various fundamental and touchy issues. A mental leeway letter must be on petition for every individual required before the cycle can begin.
  3. Legal matters. Every important contract must be made by your legal counsel; a legitimate freedom letter must be sent to our office preceding the beginning of the cycle.
  4. Consultation with one of our doctors. Both the surrogate and the planned guardians must meet with one of the fertility specialists of San Diego Fertility Center. Data concerning particular testing required for all gatherings will be given at this arrangement. To plan an arrangement, call 73-538-73-538
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